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Patrick Gallagher has always had a keen eye for good design. From rearranging the family furniture in his childhood home in South Bend, Indiana, to his studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, he has been passionate about all things visual. After FIT and a stint in retailing at Bloomingdales New York and Burdines Florida, Patrick moved to Milan to pursue his interest in fashion design.

Realizing that fashion was also integral to the home furnishings market, he returned to New York and became one of the most sought after photo stylists for the home. His clients included The New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, Martex and J.P. Stevens linens and Waterford and Wedgwood tableware. From that visual merchandising background he next joined F. Schumacher and Company - a premiere home textile manufacturer - as their Director of Visual Merchandising, responsible for 19 showrooms worldwide. After transforming the image of Schumacher - and designing their first furniture and accessory collection - he left to start his own design firm.

Since 1993, Patrick has worked on high end residential design projects, both large and small, from his Greek Revival studio in Stonington, Connecticut. His work always achieves the same result - a stunning balance of comfort and style that perfectly suits the architecture, the homeowner's taste and the discerning eye. With his commitment to quality and a profound respect for historic preservation, Patrick has worked on homes of varying styles and heritage. This appreciation of heritage led Patrick to the Connecticut Antiquarian and Landmark Society where he served as Vice-Chairman of the board and subsequently to the Royal Oak Foundation, the American Friends of the National Trust of England, Northern Ireland and Wales, where he served as Chairman.

In 2009, Patrick broadened his vision to include life in Rome, Italy. There in the heart of the Eternal City, European influences contributed to the design of his premier collection of fabrics for the home – Patrick Gallagher Tessuti - that debuted at the Palazzo Taverna in October 2011. Presently, his collection is proudly represented by 18 showrooms around the world.

Patrick now manages to fulfill the growing needs of his new Tessuti business in addition to select decorating projects around the globe while embracing the Roman way of life, along with his dog, Brewster.