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For almost 20 years Patrick S. Gallagher has been designing comfortable and distinguished environments for his cherished clients - in the city, at the seaside and in the country - and throughout every project his approach remains the same. He seeks to provide the perfect balance of comfort and style in every room. Working closely with the client from the design stage to the installation, Patrick is service oriented first and always. His inclusive communication skills ensure that his client is being heard, the design work is spot on and timelines and budgets are met. His working style is relaxed and collaborative, not only with his client but with the architect and contractors as well. He never imposes an alien taste or the latest trend on a project, but rather lets each room be his guide as he works together with his able colleagues to create environments that delight the eye, lift the spirit, and reflect the personal style of the client. Patrick's love of design, his interest in people and his well-traveled lifestyle combine together to create the perfect combination of skill and passion - and in turn, ensures that each design project is a unique and pleasing success.